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Building facades
Facades of buildings made of fiberglass - a modern and affordable solution in modern architecture with the possibility of adding variety. The material that we use in production is suitable for interior and exterior decoration, among them:
1. Cornices.
2. Columns made of fiberglass.
3. Balustrades.
4. Other decorations of buildings.
Fiberglass has such properties that help to give the product any shape, size, as well as carefully work out the smallest details.
Fiberglass facades from LLC Fiberglass are high quality and durable products. Our company provides a personal approach to each customer. It is possible to process standard or unique drawings in a short time. All you need is to contact the company's employees for help to find the best solution and discuss the details.
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Fiberglass for buildings is unique in that it is suitable for any style - from classic to modern. From the material we can make:
1. Cornices - an element that decorates the facade along the entire perimeter.
2. Columns with any section, which are great for decoration, and also carry functionality in the form of a support for balconies or small awnings.
3. Moldings - three-dimensional structures for decorating the outer part of walls, windows and doors.
4. Window framing is a good option to complement buildings and provide a little protection to the façade.
5. Bas-reliefs made of fiberglass.
Fiberglass for buildings will allow you to create not only structural products, but also cladding elements. This does not require large costs, everything is done through a matrix, the decor gets neat, accurate and beautiful.