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Fiberglass products on order
For everyone who is tired of conventional products made of concrete, wood or other materials, LLC Fiberglass is pleased to offer fiberglass products to order.
They are no worse than other raw materials, and in many ways even better, because they have a number of advantages. Our team can make any kind of fiber and resin products.
Due to this, custom-made fiberglass helps to produce goods for household and production, it is a good option for decorating the interior of premises, and raw materials are excellent for the street.
Manufacturing is carried out according to the following principle:
1. The matrix is ​​being formed.
2. Glass fiber is added to it with preliminary resin impregnation.
3. The parts are glued together.
4. All seams are sanded and the products are prepared for further decoration.
5. At the very end, fiberglass products are painted, which gives a unique color and style.
Currently, such products have proven themselves very well in Kiev and Ukraine, other countries, since they combine excellent performance properties, quality and price.
Raw materials are easy to process, custom fiberglass products are lightweight and highly durable. They are not subject to corrosion and external factors.
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Products based on the described material are a versatile and practical solution used in various fields.
Due to the properties, you can design not only the exterior, but also the interior, make furniture, decor, games and much more.
Our company is ready to make fiberglass products under the order of any complexity at an affordable price list.
When contacting, customers get the opportunity to provide their own drawing or select standard projects using ready-made matrices. Thanks to the technical base and our own production, control of each process, customers receive high quality goods.
For each person we have an individual approach, there is delivery in Ukraine and favorable terms of cooperation.