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Fiberglass sculpture is a unique product that can satisfy any client or consumer. It has a three-dimensional shape, excellent performance.
This type of product is perfect for commercial premises, and can also be installed in the garden of a private house as a decoration. Various sculptures made of fiberglass make it possible to create the necessary atmosphere in the house, providing comfortable conditions and coziness.
Currently, our company has expanded significantly, we have our own technical base, high-precision equipment. All this helps to create unique standard or individual projects in any topic.
Customers will be able to order fiberglass statues, animation and other figures. All this is discussed in person over the phone, in person or via e-mail.
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Many people are interested in how to make sculptures from fiberglass. For this, a sketch is drawn up and the material is prepared, which fits into a form of a certain size.
The result is a matrix processed by a polymer. In the process, air bubbles are removed, and left for a while to completely dry the surface.
As soon as everything hardens, the master disassembles the matrix and takes out the finished sculpture.
All figures are made using the best and modern equipment from high quality materials. At the same time, the price of the products remains affordable for individuals and legal entities.
Considering the composition, fiberglass is obtained on the basis of glass and plastic compounds under the guise of small fibers, which are completely safe for people and the environment.