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Street decor
Buying fiberglass for the street means getting modern products that are actively used in everyday life, on the street, even in industry.
Street decor is not subject to dampness and sun rays, other external factors, in addition, benches, seats or ordinary fiberglass outdoor decor are easy to clean.
The material is highly durable, reliable and environmentally friendly.
Our company is ready to offer various products for standard and individual projects at an affordable price.
The main advantages of outdoor decor made of fiberglass, benches, tables and other products:
1. High strength.
2. Resistance to external and weather factors.
3. Ability to select a wide range of colors.
4. External beauty.
5. Simple care.
6. Long service life.
7. Reliability.
8. Affordable price for a landscape made of fiberglass.
Everyone will be able to pick up comfortable exterior products that can decorate a street in a park or at home.
Its ready-made ponds made of fiberglass, fountains, benches, you can make work to order, according to your own project, choosing the required dimensions and external parameters.
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Our production allows you to select standard fiberglass decor that can be installed in the city.
Services are very wide and we are proud of the work done. On the market since 2010, so they trust us, and modern equipment allows us to create the best products.
We use the highest quality fiberglass brand. Raw materials have unique properties in comparison with other materials - lightness, strength, resistance to chemicals, mechanical and other damage.
We are ready to make any goods from small dishes to large advertising items, we can provide urban solutions that decorate parks, stadiums, squares.